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Do you serve food?
We offer a bread and cheese plate that you can order but we do not have a kitchen or full menu. You are welcome to bring in outside food and picnic on our grounds.

Do you need reservations?
We do not take reservations, our tables and grounds are first come, first served including the pavilion and fireplace.

Can I get married there?
We almost never close down to the public for private events. We are currently working with an elopement specialist to offer a few dates of ceremony only weddings at the winery (no receptions).  For more information, contact Epic Elopements (www.epicallyelope.com).

Do the same owners own Red Eagle Distillery?
Yes, and you are welcome to take your wine and walk the path between the two buildings, just follow the hedges between the vineyard rows lining the way directly to the distillery.

Do you accept limos and busses?
We try to accommodate all guests, but we do request you give us a heads up on how many people you are brining and what time. Ohio currently mandates that no group exceed 10 people, and we follow all COVID-19 mandates and guidelines.

Do you book live music?
Not usually, we prefer the serenity of the space outside. Only a few times a year for major events do we have live music and we’ll announce those on our social media pages.